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The need to achieve more

I believe that we all have the need to achieve more but only some of us go through the process.

I want to do well in my classes but I just can’t seem to focus. I want to be productive but I can’t stop being lazy. I don’t know what it is. What I do know for sure is that this feeling of wanting to do more yet not wanting to do it at the same time is really getting to me. Guess that’s what people mean by the heart and the brain not being in sync or something?

What can I do so that I am better able to focus? I just need to write down reflections from lectures and the professors have already stated that everyone gets an A so why in the world can’t I just get it together? Seriously?

Bright side: I learned/realized/whatever you want to call it that dance is passed down orally. I’ve never thought about it before until now so it’s a new concept for me. Interesting, no?


The Randomnesses of My Life!

Weird stuff always happens to me. Always. Without a doubt. I guess it’s time to just laugh it off with an audience. 🙂

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